Golden Ghee

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Clarified Butter

The Ayurvedic Gold, versatile and imperishable oil, which does not require refrigeration

  • Universal use
  • Purified and healthy oil
  • Suitable for lactose intolerants
  • No trans fatty acids
  • Does not raise cholesterol levels

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Used for thousands of years in India, it has been used in ayurveda cooking and medicine in the preparation of delicious recipes, as a basis for herbal teas, ointment, massage mixtures, etc.

In Golden Ghee butter is cooked by a slow process of 48 hours accompanied by music therapy through the sound of Gong, during which the impurities, hydrates carbon, protein, casein, lactose and water are eliminated, leaving only pure fat or oil. Does not contain trans fatty acids, it is made of organic raw milk and does not raise cholesterol levels.

“Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates longevity and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases” 

BHAVAPRAKASHA. Ayurvedic text from the 16th century


The Ghee is the culinary gold, clarified butter, which makes it the most versatile and enduring oil, which does not require refrigeration. Ghee use is very wide, both for cooking, sauteing vegetables, add to rice, spread on toast or with your favorite dish. As well as for body care and much more !!!

Its golden yellow color, pleasant aroma, universal use, exceptional taste, nutritional value, along with the revitalization and maintenance of optimal body functions make Golden Ghee an indispensable ingredient in traditional and professional cuisine.


By (Alella, España) on  17 July 2019 (Golden Ghee) :
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By (CAMPO DE CRIPTANA, España) on  17 July 2019 (Golden Ghee) :



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By (Altea, España) on  21 Nov. 2018 (Golden Ghee) :

Ghee de cabra

Me vuelve loca

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By (SEVILLA, España) on  21 Nov. 2018 (Golden Ghee) :

un sabor diferente al ghee tradicional y delicioso

Me ha encantado y si no fuera por su pequeño tamaño y precio lo usaría hasta para freír los huevos ;-)

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By (Madrid, España) on  21 Nov. 2018 (Golden Ghee) :


Bueno, bueno, es deliciosa hace años como unos 40 yo me la hacia , me a recordado y disfruto con ella es un poco adictiva jajajaja, muy buena.

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