A word, a concept, a philosophy that is increasingly frequently heard .... little by little is taking place after millennia of silence in Western world.

Ayurveda, with its teachings, herbs, their oils, their medicine and traditional healing comes from the East, from India.

There are no accurate records of their age, but it is calculated about 5000 years ... 5000 !!! It is not enough, considering that Jesus lived 2000 years ago. It is an ancient philosophy that teaches us how to live, it has been practiced in India for so long and dispite the change during all this years  it still remains as it was.

Why it is ancestral and actual at the same time?

Because it is natural, real, human and organic ....so then all its therapies, its medicine, its advice, its way of understanding life and living it is fully common to everyone at any age, at any time, and anywhere ... we can bring it to the west and will be just as real and important to our lives today.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and means something as simple and as complex as Life Science, these words contains all the treasure it has to share.

It combines body, mind and spirit as a whole, inseparable part of another. Understand health, not only being free of disease as we understand in western, but something much deeper: Health is a state of physical and mental joy, with happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

What is its purpose?

1)   Alleviate the suffering of people

2)   Preserve the health of healthy people and help us reach the 4 principles of life

            -Dharma: act correctly

            -Artha: live in abundance

            -Kama: satisfaction of desires

            -Moksha: liberation and fulfillment in God

Perhaps this may surprise us a bit. How is that a system of medicine involves many aspects of life,  even speaks of God-realization?

To understand Ayurveda we have to empty our minds of preconceived ideas, and as a young child, open our body, mind and spirit to this teachings. So, without judgment, we can preserve naturally the beauty of their knowledges.