Quality and care of our raw materials.

Golden Ghee is made of the highest quality raw materials, authentic and healthy, and we are determined to invest our time, energy, thoughts and money in obtaining the best raw material possible.

The milk that serves as the basis for obtaining Golden Ghee comes from regions where the commitment to the best lifestyle and welfare of the animal has been practiced for more than 4 decades. There, just like here, responsibility with livestock begins with on the ground. During the sunny period, cows graze on mountainous and flat meadows. Its habitat is full of colorful flowers and herbs, the water is clean and alive, and the air is fresh. All elements are combined. They are represented by: soft sun, fresh wind, clear water, rich earth, abundant grass, different herbs and flowers and a single animal that unifies everything.

The ecological farmers that supply us the raw material, place a greater emphasis on the quality of the product than on productivity. Getting to obtain 25% less milk than cows bred in the conventional way.

Farmers strive to maintain a high-quality diet for their cows, also during the winter. Plant growth, stimulation of demand in surrounding areas, rich forage grass, clover, corn, cereals, lupine, peas, soybeans, sugar beet and other genetically modified the constant concern of farmers throughout the year.

Home and family rule the lives of calves, keeping them close to their mothers for a long time. Well-being is the key to obtaining a healthy immune system for the animal, hence a better quality in milk.

Throughout the warm season, cows graze freely (live food), while during the winter they have access to fields especially suitable for their well-being.

When animals need medical assistance, homeopathy and acupuncture are the first steps to take.

Golden Ghee's unique preparation

The butter is cooked according to an old recipe, which gives it a special flavor
that is recognized by anyone who has had the opportunity to taste different Ghees.

The cooking is characterized by having more than 48 hours of duration, accompanied by careful vibration sounds of the Gong. The Ghee is then allowed to cool slowly and poured into glass jars. This is followed by the second stage of cooling and finally is beautifully labeled with recycled paper and sent to your home, so you can enjoy this marvel of gold at your table !!!

The whole process of preparation and cooking of Golden Ghee is closely followed by our team with affection and respect.

Sages and teachers from different regions of the Himalayas have taught and still continue to do so, that the consumption and universal use of a quality Ghee makes life easier. We like to mention that Ghee improves growth and energy levels in all its aspects.

“Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates longevity and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases.”


Ayurvedic Text from S.XVI