Golden Ghee & The Institute for Healthy Living

The Institute for Healthy Living is located in Slovenia. At first there were only two dreamers with a capital of 100 euros. Goran and Dusan, their founders started motivated by their love for this special and nutritious product preparing home ghee boats to give away at Christmas, was so great reception among people, many were excited to buy it and soon stores them they asked to be able to sell it.

Then they rented a place, where they could dedicate themselves to the elaboration of their product with all the necessary licenses. Six years have passed since Goran and Dušan together made their first boat of Ghee and today you can find this Ayurvedic gold in hundreds of shops in Slovenia and now in Spain in many shops.

Its main product is Golden Ghee - Clarified Butter -, also called Culinary Gold, since it is indispensable in the traditional cuisines of the world. The records of its use are thousands of years back, and its versatility and many beneficial effects were known to the ancestors of many cultures.

Together with their main product they elaborate and distribute a complete variety of products based on ghee, giving different flavors and properties when elaborated along with sesame, garlic, truffle, chocolate, among others. They also make a skin care cream, also made based on Ghee, which gives luminosity and hydration to the body.

Cow Project of the Luck

Golden Ghee is recognizable by its logo of a happy cow as a sign of ecological and natural. The guiding principle of the creation of this precious food is the deep and eternal respect for Mother Nature.

When a certain amount of product is sold, a fifth of the profits go to the Lucky Cow - Lucky Cow project. With this project, Golden Ghee financially supports farms and people who buy cows in the "disuse" of the traditional dairy industry (which will otherwise be sacrificed) and thus offer them a new and better life. Many of these cows can feel this new opportunity of life and even begin to produce milk again !!

Healthy, Helpful and Tasty

At Golden Ghee you put a lot of attention and love in all your products, every detail is thought carefully. Everything that is done must fulfill three conditions: Healthy, Useful and Tasty. If any conditions are not met, they will work passionately to achieve it.

“Ghee increases the intellect, stimulates longevity and
is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from various diseases.”


Ayurvedic Text from S.XVI