Satyaloka Philosophy

SATYALOKA was born with the illusion of sharing the ancient wisdom of India in a modern and close way, allowing the knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga to reach more people interested in leading a healthy life and in Consciousness.

To reach people we focus on a comprehensive vision, where products and services are offered in a complementary way, in harmony and synergy.

We import, distribute and sell Organic Ayurvedic Products

We offer Ayurveda & Yoga talks, workshops and retreats

SATYALOKA is a Sanskrit word. It is composed of two words: Satya, which means Truth; and Loka, which alludes to the different Realms, Worlds, Dimensions or Plans of Existence.

According to the Vedas, the ancient texts of Indian teachings, there are 14 lokas. Each loka reflects a particular range of consciousness and there are 7 higher and 7 lower. Satyaloka is the highest kingdom of all, where Brahma the Creator resides.

Our name is an invitation to aspire to this higher realm, to live in truth and integrity, in our hearts and our outer life.

All the products we offer to our clients follow the principles of Ayurveda,
the traditional medicine of India. All are made from herbs and food
used for thousands of years to help preserve health and provide a longer life.

We are concerned that our products come from organic and sustainable crops.
We work with companies from India and Europe for whom this principle is important,
because we know that everything that we incorporate in our body affects our health,
and the use of chemicals and genetic modification are not beneficial to our body.

The closer we are to nature, the more connected
we will be with our essence. Our products are natural and
are respectful to Mother Nature.