It is said that when one seeks and finds his way, everything conspires for the realization of your life. Being able to use your gifts, skills and knowledge, along with that deep call of your Being to do what you have come to do, can only translate into prosperity.

This is how we, Luna & Edu, have felt and decided to launch ourselves into that precious goal, to live doing what we love to do and to share this journey with you. We are passionate about yoga, ayurveda, healthy living, conscious eating, nature, living in harmony and happiness.

We travel, learn and experience these passions day by day, so that we can spread this knowledge to all those interested in living a life of Truth, life of Satyaloka.




· Co-creadora de Satyaloka

· Departamento de Marketing, Charlas y Talleres

· Ingeniera Comercial con mención en Administración de Empresas

· Instructora de Yoga

· Terapeuta Ayurveda

· Reflexóloga y Masajista Holística




· Co-creador de Satyaloka

· Departamento de Marketing, Importación y Ventas